NEW Phishing Analytics (Feb/2016): Global Infographic about phishing and people behavior

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After we launch our 1st Global Infographic about Phishing (Portuguese, English and Spanish) in 2015, we continued analyzing people behavior, performing more than 2 million simulations and training in our ongoing education platform, PhishX.

Over the last year major Cybersecurity incidents occurred, with global repercussions, especially Carbanak case, which resulted in actual losses of more than $ 1 billion in various financial institutions. It was well explained in the global news, as in this Video.

Other research organizations such as the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), which aims to engage and unify the global response against Cybercrime continues disseminating data collected through its network of partners and highlighting how Phishing is a global and real threat. A large portion, about 38% in a few months, of those threats came from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), Emerging Markets and Latin America.


About People behavior


Phishing still is the main door to invasions and threats in our society. Data collected by PhishX and its partners, indicate that around 91% of companies have already suffered an attack based on Phishing.


circle_83Highlighting this issue, people cannot identify and distinguish real messages from Phishing, falling for more than two simulations at least 83% of campaigns simulated conducted by PhishX network of partners and customers.


It is the average of recurrent training required for a person to recognize a Phishing message.


About devices

bubble_worldMore than 54% of access to corporate e-mail are also already made by other unreliable places or unrecognized by companies, including cyber cafes or public Wi-Fi.


bubble_deviceParalleling with the increasing use of e-mail outside the organization, the number of unique access through mobile devices grew to 36% in 2015, a trend that will soon be the main reading platform of corporate email.


text_92_%It is the average of outdated mobile devices at least by 1 year. Each system and outdated program increases the attack surface and the risk of a threat to obtain data and files on the devices.


About Trends

We gathered some opinions from partners and big names in the industry to highlight some trends up what will happen in the coming years in our society.

year_2016“It will be the year of policies and CLAIMS insurance for Cybersecurity.” FireEye

“It will be the year of online extortion, as Phishing and Ransomware.” Trend Micro


year_2020“+ 95% of failures will be due  people. ” Gartner

“+1 Billion people, +2.5 billion devices and +5 times more data.” Intel Security


Learn more ?

Our 2nd Global Phishing Infographic – Edition 2016 can be obtained at (Portuguese, English and Spanish), and discusses the results of simulations, Training and Trends People Behavior on Phishing.

PhishX is a solution based on People-Centric Security Strategy (PCS = People-Centric Security) that addresses security with an emphasis on responsibility and trust the individual, improving the knowledge and behavior of people with the training, where the companies will be more prepared to face the war against phishing, fraud and cyber threats.

Empowering your People by ongoing education.

Do you want to know more? Contact us or an official partner of PhishX and ask for a demonstration without commitment.


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