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How PhishX can help healthcare organizations implement awareness programs

Information security is an increasingly important concern in all organizations, especially in healthcare organizations where sensitive patient information is stored and accessed daily.

To ensure the protection of this information, it is critical that people are well-informed and prepared to deal with cyber threats such as phishing and other security attacks.

In this context, PhishX works to develop customized information security training and awareness programs.

Through risk assessments and identification of specific needs, we can help create an effective and relevant program for the organization.

In addition, we bring together artificial and human intelligence to monitor and report on potential security incidents, as well as continuously evaluate the awareness program to ensure it is always up to date and aligned with the needs of the organization.

In this case study, we will explore how PhishX assisted a healthcare organization in implementing an information security awareness program and the results achieved through this partnership.

Identifying key security risks

PhishX can work closely with the security teams of healthcare organizations to assess their risks and identify specific information security awareness needs.

This assessment helps you develop customized plans for your organization, addressing specific needs and reducing security risks.

PhishX's risk assessment begins with phishing simulations and vulnerability analysis on devices and systems. From this information, we can assess potential security risks, including external and internal threats.

For example, through our data platform we can see that a nursing team needs additional training on the safe use of mobile devices to access patient information.

In addition, the communication platform can trigger interviews and questionnaires for people from different departments to better understand information security practices and the challenges they face.

These interviews can help the protection team identify awareness gaps by developing training and programs specific to the needs of the organization.

Assessing the needs of a healthcare organization

Based on this risk assessment, we work with the information security team to identify areas where they need to increase maturity in information security awareness.

These may include phishing training, information security policies, protection of sensitive information, and other relevant areas.

We can then develop customized plans, addressing your specific needs in terms of information security awareness.

This plan includes customized training, simulated phishing testing, and other activities to increase people's understanding of information security.

We also work closely together to ensure that the plan is tailored to your specific needs. This includes ensuring that the plan complies with relevant regulations by adapting policies and procedures to the needs of the organization.

Training and awareness

We at PhishX understand that each organization has its own specific needs and challenges regarding information security. That is why we work together to develop customized training and awareness programs that meet your needs.

To ensure that training is effective, we use a variety of learning formats, including videos, gamification strategies, quizzes, and other activities.

We also develop content that is adapted to people's distinct levels of knowledge and experience with the themes. This ensures that everyone can benefit from the training and is able to apply the knowledge gained in their daily work.

Finally, we work with the information security team to continuously evaluate the awareness program and identify opportunities for improvement. This includes conducting regular training evaluations to measure the success of the program, as well as feedback from people to ensure the content is relevant and effective.

Simulating phishing attacks

Through our communication platform, it is possible to conduct simulated phishing tests that can help healthcare organizations better understand the risks of phishing and how people can protect themselves against these attacks.

These tests simulate a real phishing attack and measure the awareness and readiness of the organization's employees regarding these types of attacks.

Simulated phishing tests can be customized to your company's specific needs. This means that PhishX collaborates closely with its team to understand the specific phishing threats the organization faces, creating realistic and relevant phishing scenarios.

For example, a mock test might be created to mimic a phishing email that asks employees of a healthcare organization to click on a fake promotion.

During the simulated phishing test, we send a fake message, either via email, SMS, or even to messaging apps.

This message could contain a malicious link or attachment that, if clicked or opened, would allow an attacker to compromise the healthcare organization's system.

PhishX's platform enables monitoring of actions against the simulated message to assess awareness and response readiness regarding phishing.

After the simulated phishing test is complete, we provide detailed reports on the results, including how many people clicked on the link or gave away their data. These reports can help identify areas where the organization needs to improve its information security awareness and training.

From these results, we can help create action plans to improve phishing awareness and readiness in healthcare organizations.

This may include additional training, awareness campaigns, and other measures to improve protection. The ultimate goal is to reduce the risk of security breaches due to phishing attacks.

Monitoring and Reporting Security Incidents

We can also help healthcare organizations monitor and report security incidents, including phishing and other cyberattacks. To this end, PhishX joins artificial intelligence with human intelligence, through the PhishX Assistant, to develop an effective threat monitoring process.

PhishX Assistant is a personal assistant that can help establish an early warning system for threat detection, which allows security personnel to quickly identify and respond to phishing-related security incidents.

Through PhishX Assistant, people can analyze and report suspicious messages, reducing impact and accelerating threat analysis, decreasing calls for information security teams.

In addition, PhishX can provide hospital organization staff with tools and resources to assist in the ongoing monitoring of potential security threats. Through the PhishX platform we can provide vulnerability analysis in devices and operating systems.

Regarding incident notification, PhishX can help the hospital organization develop an effective process for notifying the organization's security team of potential security incidents, including phishing and other cyberattacks.

This may include creating employee training on how to report potential security incidents and other measures to ensure that security personnel are notified as soon as possible.

Finally, PhishX can help organizations create effective reports to record and document security incidents, including phishing attacks. In this way, we can assist in creating regular reports to your organization's management on the effectiveness of the security measures implemented.

By collaborating with the staff of healthcare organizations, we develop effective monitoring and reporting processes. Thus, we help ensure that healthcare organizations are prepared to respond quickly to potential security threats.

Developing continuous improvement

We seek to work as closely as possible with security teams to ensure that the information security awareness program is continuously updated and improved.

To this end, our Customer Success team conducts regular assessments to ensure that the awareness program is always up to date and aligned with your organization's needs.

Thus, we conduct evaluations to identify gaps in the understanding of training and policies. These assessments include simulated phishing tests, knowledge assessments, and other methods to gauge employee awareness level.

Based on these, we have updated the awareness program, providing customized training and additional resources to address problem areas.

We also ensure that the awareness program is aligned with information security best practices and applicable regulations in each country.

In addition, we are always up to date on the latest trends in information security and share this information with all teams, so that awareness programs can be continuously improved and updated with the latest information on potential threats and security best practices.

Finally, we encourage healthcare organizations to promote a culture of information security, where information security awareness is an ongoing process. That way, everyone can be encouraged to always be up to date on the latest security threats and best practices.

Know how PhishX can help your organization

Through collaboration between PhishX and the security team, it is possible to develop a customized and effective information security awareness program.

Thus, risk assessment, development of customized training, and simulated phishing testing can help make employees aware of cyber risks and how to protect against them.

PhishX also assists organizations in developing security policies and procedures, as well as monitoring and reporting security incidents.

It is important to note that information security awareness is an ongoing process and must be updated regularly to ensure effectiveness.

Through regular evaluation of the awareness program, PhishX can assist in identifying areas that need improvement, adjusting the program to meet the organization's ever-evolving needs.

Information security awareness should be seen as an investment in protection and privacy, as well to preserve the trust of the patient and the organization.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can help your organization reduce people-caused cyber risks, contact our sales team now.

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Know how PhishX can help healthcare organizations implement awareness programs

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