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SDLC: How software development life cycles can reduce risks and costs 

Exposed to increasing threats within the virtual world, organizations need to be prepared to protect themselves and reduce potential risks. When we talk about system development, most institutions have well-defined processes. However, many development teams still do not realize security as an important part of the process. Thus, methods were developed for the secure development of applications and systems in general, like SDLC, software development life cycle.

What is the software development life cycle?

In general, a software development life cycle involves integrating security testing into existing processes. Activities include architecture analysis, frequent code review, and penetration test construction prior to release.

An unsafe system can put any organization at risk, its vulnerabilities can be exploited by criminals, compromising operations.

Thus, it is essential to think about integrating security throughout the development cycle. So, let's talk a little bit about SDLC.

Software development life cycle

A software development life cycle, SDLC, is a framework for the entire process of building a system, or application, to be done securely.

For this, safety tests are carried out during all phases of development. This means that a safe development cycle turns security concern into something continuous. Thus, it is possible to detect failures early, reducing global business risks.

Reducing risk and costs with SDLC

According to experts, problems encountered in the early stages of development cost less to repair than those encountered after implementing the system.

In this way, the SDLC avoids the need for changes after delivery of the product. This reduces development costs and reduces your vulnerabilities. Thus, it is necessary that the project follow safe procedures from the beginning, making security initiatives a standard for development.

How to approach secure development strategically

It is very important that organizations develop initiatives to more strategically address the secure development cycle. Analyzing the effectiveness of existing security processes and policies, and if they leave gaps, is essential for management.

Managers can also create software security initiatives to achieve more effective strategies. In addition, you can adopt models of safe development cycles.

SDLC models

There are several examples of SDLC models, they describe practices that organizations can adopt to enhance the security of their systems. Professionals who develop software can adopt some practices that improve the security of organizations.

Manage processes

Measuring the risks of architecture from the beginning of development, and always considering security when planning and building tests, is one of the most important principles of SDLC.

In addition, the use of code scanning tools for static and dynamic analysis brings more security to the process. And it is very important to apply interactive application security tests.

Focus on people

Today, most organizations' digital security strategies can't forget people. They are an important part of risk reduction and need to be aware of the importance of information security.

Therefore, it is necessary that professionals working within the areas of development are up-to-date on safe coding practices. It is also important that you know about structures available for software security.

At PhishX, we constantly develop materials to raise awareness about information security, developing content and training aligned with the most current practices.

Go beyond

If you already follow a secure SDLC, always be looking for improvements. Evaluating developed programs and comparing those with other organizations can help to keep processes up-to-date and without vulnerabilities.

And, if you want to learn more about our materials designed specifically for developers and information technology professionals, schedule a conversation with our experts. Just click the Talk to Sales Team button.

Software development is never free of virtual risks. In this article, we are talking about how SDLC can bring more security and reduce risks for your organization.

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How software development life cycles can reduce risks and costs


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