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How to set up your security and privacy in Telegram

When it comes to data transfer and communication, Telegram is among the most secure messaging apps. Even though it is not the most widely used, it is becoming increasingly popular. Its security tools and the possibility to form groups and broadcast channels with a large number of users have attracted many people.

Although it is used in almost the same way as WhatsApp, Telegram has some differences when it comes to security and privacy. The first is in the way the tool encrypts messages, only secret chats are encrypted end-to-end.

Still, conventional messages are encrypted between the server and the user, using proprietary protocols that can guarantee the security of the information. In addition, Telegram allows messages to self-destruct after being read, or after a set time.

If you want to know if Telegram is secure, the answer is: yes. The app ensures data security by blocking access from the internet service provider, the owner of the router, and even other attackers.

But if someone gets hold of your unlocked phone, or the IT department accesses your work computer, it is possible to view the messages. To be more secure in these cases you can enable some tools and settings.


It is important to be concerned about the security of our information. A stolen cell phone can do a lot of damage. Criminals can use our information to apply financial scams, pretending to be someone else to fool our contacts.

To avoid this kind of damage, we can enable some features in Telegram that bring more security.

Two-step verification

Technically, anyone who has access to your cell phone number can log into your account on another device. Therefore, to protect your account, it is essential to enable two-step verification.

To do this, you need to access the menu, which is in the upper right corner of the screen, and go to Settings. Then click on Privacy & Security. Under the Security tab you can enable Two-Step Verification. Click Set up Password and follow the steps in the tool to complete the activation.

Password Lock

To protect the application in case you lose your device, you can enable Password Lock. With this feature, the application can only be accessed after entering a password or entering the registered fingerprint.

It is worth noting that this only works on the device where the application is installed. If Telegram is installed on another mobile device or computer, the password will not be required.

To enable Password Lock, you should follow the same steps as for the two-step verification. Under the Security tab, click Lock Password and set your combination.

Active Sessions

It is also very important to manage the usage of your account. From the Security tab, you can click Active sessions to see information from all the devices your account is logged into.

It is essential to close old sessions and if you notice an unknown session, close it immediately.

Secret chats

Another Telegram security feature that can be very useful is the secret chats. They allow you to delete any message or file whenever you want, warn you when a user takes a screenshot, and you can also schedule a message to self-destruct.

The difference with secret chats is in the encryption. The application does not store any information from these conversations in the cloud, they are only stored on the user's device.

To create a secret chat, you can go to the home screen. In the lower right corner you should click on an icon that contains a pencil. On the New Message screen, simply click New Secret Chat and select the desired contact.


We have to constantly worry about how our data can be viewed, even in messaging applications. Allowing unknown people to see your phone number or profile picture can cause some problems.

Therefore, it is important to set up some privacy features in Telegram. On the Privacy & Security page you can define your privacy settings.

Here you can select who can see your phone number, your profile picture and your access history. You can also change who can call you through the app and add you to groups and broadcast channels.

By following these tips, you can use Telegram with much more security, ensuring that your messages and information are protected.

Want to learn more about how to configure your security on other social networks? Our blog can help you get more security on WhatsApp, Linkedin, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

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Learn how to set up your security and privacy in Telegram

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