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Why should people be made aware of cyber risks?

The word awareness is increasingly insertedin the vocabulary of organizations, but why should people be made aware? Currently, information is circulating at every second. As such, people are becoming increasingly informed. However, this does not mean that they are more aware.

Awareness is linked to information, but also to repetition, study, and people's engagement with the topic. However,a lack of awareness can cause various problems, such as health risks, cyber risks, and environmental risks. So, do you know what consequences a lack of awareness can have for your organization?

What are the problems that a lack of awarenesscan cause?

Can you imagine clickingon a link and havingall your data stolen? This is one of the problems that lack of awareness can cause. According to a survey conducted this year, 286,000 Brazilians had their sensitive data exposed on the Internet in 2022. Thus, lack of awareness inside and outside organizations can help increase the number of victims.This is due to lack ofinvestment in Information Security and people's awareness. In addition, we also see these problemsin awareness about the environment and in preventing physical and mental health. We can cite the example of many cases ofhealth problems that could be avoided if people would perform routine examinations and have medical follow-up.

Damages caused by lack of awareness within organizations

The consequences of people's lack of awareness are reflected in an increasein the number of cyber-attacks in 2022. In the first half of the year, there were 31.5 billion attempted cyber-attacks on organizations. Most of these attacks started through human failure. Thus, criminal groups take advantage of people-focused attacksto gain accessto other systems. According to the Brazilian Banking Federation, there has been an 80%increase in phishingattacks in the first half of 2022. This indicates that people are increasingly important for the cybersecurity of organizations. In this way, we can see how people'slack of awareness can affect organizations and people.

Prioritize cyber risk awareness

Prioritizing awarenessis the first step to be taken to decreasethe vulnerability of your organization. This way, people will know how to defend themselves, understand the risks, and how they should behave when faced with a threat. To do this, organizations are finding ways to bring people closer to the topic. Using lectures and training, they get closer to the public by demonstrating how digital threats can directly affect people's lives. In this way, people are also gettingcloser to the topic of digital security, understanding the importance of protecting themselves digitally. In addition, we can observeother types of awareness campaigns that contribute to the participation and engagement of society.

In the area of health, for example, awareness campaigns such as Pink October are helping to increasewomen's engagement aboutthe risks ofbreast cancer. This has generated an increase in the demand for the necessary exams.

How to make awareness campaigns

In the country, there aremonths of awareness campaigns, such as yellow September, pink October, and blue November. There are also vaccination campaigns so that people can maintain their immunity against serious diseases.

In this way, theseexisting campaigns promoteawareness and awaken society's interest in the cause.

Thus, the campaigns can reach their targetaudience. Leading people to be more aware of the subject, understanding the importance of the theme, and preventing themselves from risks.

Put Awareness First

People need to become aware to decrease the number of victims. Thus, the topics need to be studied and understood. In addition, we can demonstrate methods to protect yourself and how to act in critical cases.

Therefore, the campaigns promoted every monthhelp thousands of people to become aware. That is why it is essential to have recurrent campaigns that deal with everyday issues and bring examples that are close to people's reality.

To do this, we need to establish parameters that can keep an awareness program running. Such as runningsimulations, distributing news releases, and testing people's knowledge to make it easier to learn.

Rely on the PhishX ecosystem to establish a digital security awareness program. Through our content library,you can facilitate awareness for people in your organization.

In addition, our Customer Success team helps you design recurring campaigns, bringing currentissues to the trainings. This makes digitalsecurity part of everyone's day to day life.

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Do you know why people should be made aware of cyber risks?

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