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Privacy Policy


Last modified: October 20, 2018

Welcome to PHISHX!

Thank you for using our products and services ("SERVICES"). The SERVICES will be provided by P2 TECHNOLOGY INFORMÁTICA LTDA ("P2 TECHNOLOGY" or "P2"), through its digital security platform for people, called "PHISHX" or "PLATFORM".

By using our SERVICES and / or PRODUCTS, you are agreeing to these terms. Read them carefully.
OUR SERVICES are very diverse, therefore, sometimes additional terms or product requirements (including age requirements) may apply. Additional terms will be available with the relevant SERVICES and such additional terms will become part of our AGREEMENT with you if you use these SERVICES.


This instrument contains the PRIVACY POLICY of the sites "", "" and "*" (collectively the "WEBSITES", or, individually and without distinction, the "WEBSITE"). , as well as the services offered through such WEBSITES (the "SERVICES"), under the PHISHX PLATFORM (the "PLATFORM" or "PHISHX").

1.    Privacy Policy

1.1. We at P2 are committed to safeguarding your privacy. The purpose of this document is to clarify what information is collected from users of our sites:, and * - and their services - and how that information is manipulated and used.

2.    About data collection

2.1. On our sites, information is collected in the following ways:

2.1.1. Information provided by you: We collect personally identifiable information, such as: name, phone number, e-mail address, company you work for and position - fill in the application form (APP or portal) and through the forms for downloading our free content . Eventually, requests for some information may be made through P2's direct contact with users via e-mail, telephone, or other electronic means.

2.1.2. Site navigation information: When you visit our site, a cookie is placed on your browser through Google Analytics software to identify how many times you return to our address. Information such as IP address, geographic location, reference source, type of browser, duration of the visit and pages visited are collected anonymously.

2.1.3. Contact history: Here at P2 we store information about all contacts already made with our users, such as content downloaded from our pages and interactions via e-mail.

3.    About the use of personal information

3.1. This term allows P2 to use your personal information for different purposes.

3.2. The e-mail is used for the operation of sending the material or information requested by you when completing the form. It can also be used to send Newsletters, always related to the theme Cybersecurity.

3.3. Finally, the e-mail will still be used to communicate the launch of new free materials or new products from P2 and partners. However, you can unsubscribe at any time.

3.4. The download data may be disclosed as research and statistics, and no personal information is disclosed openly unless explicitly authorized.

3.5. Collaborators and / or P2 Partners may eventually contact you via e-mail or telephone to research or submit products and services.

3.6. When you request a free trial of the PhishX platform, you will receive a membership agreement that specifies the extra information that will be requested to use the trial, as well as your privacy policy and the secrecy with which this information will be handled.

3.7. Your personal information will be shared with our partners only when the partnership is explicitly on the page where the form for receiving educational and / or statistical content is in the form.

4.    About accessing your personal information

4.1. Your personal information may only be viewed by P2 authorized partners and partners. Eventually, if the insertion of your information takes place in actions created in partnerships, the explicitly identified partners will also have access to the information. No personal information may be disclosed publicly.

4.2. P2 also agrees not to sell, rent or pass on your information to third parties. The only exception to pass-through, without prior authorization, is in cases where such information is required by law.

4.3. In addition, although we work with good security and protection practices, no web service has a 100% guarantee against intrusion and we can not be held liable if it occurs.

5.    About sharing social media content

5.1. By clicking on the content sharing buttons on the social media available on our pages, the user will publish the content through your profile on the selected network. P2 does not have access to the login and password of the users in those networks, nor will it publish content in the name of the user, without it doing this action.

6.    About the use of information provided to our customers

6.1. P2 makes available to its customers, through the PhishX platform, tools for creating e-mails, Landing Pages, training, sending educational messages, among others that involve the personal information management of users with whom their clients maintain business relationships and / or employer. However, P2 does not control the requested information using your system. This data belongs to customers, who use, disclose and protect it in accordance with their privacy policies. They are also responsible for collecting, managing and processing confidential information.

7.    About the cancellation of the signature and change / exclusion of personal information

7.1. You can choose to no longer receive any type of e-mail from P2.

7.2. In all the e-mails that we send there is always a link to cancel the signature available in the last lines. By clicking this link you will automatically be unsubscribed from the list.


7.3. It is important to mention that when filling in any form again, it will be characterized the reinsertion of your e-mail to the list. Therefore, the cancellation request must be retaken if it is of your interest.

7.4. To change your personal information or even delete it from our database, simply send an e-mail to

8.    Changes to the Privacy Policy

8.1. This PRIVACY POLICY may undergo updates. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically visit this page so that you are aware of the changes.

8.2. Before using information for purposes other than those defined in this PRIVACY POLICY, we will ask for your authorization.

9.    Contact with P2 for clarification of doubts

9.1. Any doubt regarding our PRIVACY POLICY can be clarified through direct contact with us through the e-mail

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