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PhishX participates in Mind The Sec 2023

Mind The Sec is a very important event for the area of information security, which takes place between September 12, 13 and 14 in São Paulo, at the Transamérica Expo.

It is aimed at professionals who deal with Information Security decisions, as well as corporate managers.

Its main objective is to discuss the challenges and impacts that cybersecurity develops in companies, institutions and above all in society.

This year the event reaches its ninth edition. During his career, some professionals have been on stage sharing experiences and information about cybersecurity.

Names such as Bruce Schneier, one of the most acclaimed cyber security experts in the world, as well as the author of numerous best sellers, have also been present.

Also in attendance were Gene Spafford, who is a professor at Purdue University, Director of CERIAS (Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security), author of Practical Unix and Internet Security, and pioneer of computer security.

Countless people of paramount importance when it comes to information security have also passed through there. This year will be no different, after all the event has more than 7 thousand participants, as well as several speakers.

How was the previous edition?

Last year's Mind The Sec was marked by the return of the in-person event, because due to the pandemic moment in which we live, the two previous editions took place virtually.

This edition focused precisely on this moment, addressing topics such as digital transformations, which happened in an accelerated way caused directly by the pandemic.

The contents sought to draw a parallel of how society began to consume more and more digitized services and products, further highlighting the concerns related to cybersecurity.

After all, the numbers of cyber threats have grown exponentially during the pandemic years.

The lectures were also able to highlight this theme and show some solutions that can be taken in this sense.

The Importance of Mind The Sec

Already this year professionals and companies in the area will address the trends of information security and debate what are the impacts on people's lives.

Because, as much as it is a very important topic, cybersecurity is a subject that is often left aside by institutions. Therefore, it is essential to have an event focused on these issues.

Therefore, this is the largest and most qualified corporate event of information security and cyber security in Latin America.

PhishX as a company in the sector, which sees the needs and importance on the subject, will be present in another edition.

We understand that cybersecurity is a subject that needs to be increasingly widespread among organizations and the people who work in these places, regardless of their roles.

After all, the security of an institution begins with its employees, so it is very important that there is an event of this size, so that the topic is debated, reviewed and understood by all.

The discussions of this edition will address numerous themes, they are:

  • Artificial Intelligence to fight fraud;

  • Ransomware Trading;

  • Attacks in operational technology environments;

  • Organizational resilience;

  • Metrics for performance optimization in Cybersecurity;

  • Cybersecurity as a business risk;

  • Security in Devsecops;

  • Incident responses in critical infrastructure environments;

  • Data Protection;

  • Supply Chain;

  • Awareness as strategy and security;

  • Government privacy regulations;

  • Zero Trust as a starting point of security;

  • Integrated Edge Service Security (SSE) solution;

  • Risk management;

  • Mitigation of cloud attacks.

All participants will witness three days of technical and managerial content, in addition to the main market trends. This all helps to increase awareness on the subject, as well as contact with various market news.

This is an event that manages to unite high quality content, combined with experiences focused on networking and business generation.

Confirmed attendances

Mind The Sec has a space of more than 13,000m², divided into 4 stages, where it brings together several companies and experts, making it a great place to expand your knowledge.

The edition has some names such as Pedro Gustavo Dias Diogenes, LATAM technical director with more than 18 years of experience in Information Technology.

It will also be attended by Claudia Miyuki Fukasawa, BISO with 20 years of experience in the IT area.

In addition to the participation of Eva Galperin, Director of Cybersecurity of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), who will be the Keynote Speaker.

The event also has other lectures, presentations, booths and more, which will surely add a lot of value to all participants.

PhishX no Mind The Sec

If you are interested in cybersecurity, know that we at PhishX will be present, demonstrating our platform at the event.

This is a great opportunity for you to get to know our tool and what it can do for your company, so you have direct contact with all the features.

In addition, you can access enough information to know the importance of cybersecurity awareness in your company.

Follow our social networks to learn more about the event.

 In the image we have a white woman with brown hair standing, in the background we see an audience sitting on benches in an auditorium.
Between the 12th, 13th and 14th PhishX participates in Mind The Sec.

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