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Everything you need to create, automate, manage, and integrate your simulation, communication, governance, privacy, and compliance campaigns, as well as PhishX Assistant intelligence.

PhishX Assistant: Personal assistant and omnichannel to report and analyze suspicious links
PhishX for WhatsApp: Integration with WhatsApp communication platform (limited to total users)
PhishX for Microsoft Teams: Integration with Teams communication platform
PhishX for Slack: Integration with Slack communication platform
PhishX for Workplace: Integration with Facebook Workplace communication platform
PhishX for Kaizala: Integration with Microsoft Kaizala communication platform
SMS campaigns: SMiShing and Announcements (limited to total users)
Custom Domains: Up to 05 (five) custom domains
Tags for Videos: up to 08 (eight) videos with custom tags
Benchmarking with Industry
24x7 Online Support