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Everything you need to create, automate, manage, and integrate your simulation, communication, governance, privacy, and compliance campaigns, as well as PhishX Assistant intelligence.

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Platform (PhishX)

Dashboards, Indicators and Online Reports

Unlimited email campaigns and messages

Cybersecurity & Compliance Content Library

Simulations, Announcements, Training, Quizzes, Online Acceptance and Policies

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Secure Integration for Access and Data (Google and Microsoft)

Dynamic Lists and Smart Lists

Advanced Campaign Scheduling

Advanced Access Control for Campaign Content

24x7 Online Support

Onboarding to the Platform

My PhishX: Platform for gamification and personal knowledge

IT Security Dashboard: Vulnerabilities, CVEs and Integration with NIST

PhishX for Messenger: Integration with Facebook Messenger

PhishX for Telegram: Integration with Telegram 

PhishX for Skype: Integration with Skype 

Tags for Videos: up to eight (08) videos with custom tags

PhishX API: Automation, Management and Data

Profiles and Approval Teams

Customer Success: Planning and Execution

Log Retention in Compliance with Privacy, Data Protection and Auditing Laws

PhishX Assistant: Personal assistant for report and analysis of suspicious links

PhishX for WhatsApp: Integration with WhatsApp (limited to total users)

PhishX for Microsoft Teams: Integration with Teams

PhishX for Slack: Integration with Slack

PhishX for Workplace: Integration with Facebook Workplace

PhishX for Kaizala: Integration with Microsoft Kaizala 

SMS Campaigns: SMiShing and Announcements (limited to total users)

Custom Domains: up to 05 (five) custom domains

Benchmarking with Industry


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