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How to protect your reputation in the digital world

In the digital universe, we are subject to other people's judgments. In this way, we can put our reputation at risk, even with likes and posts we make. But how do you protect your reputation in the digital world?

First, we know that in the globalized world, people have access to information in real time. In this way, we are exposed to false news, misinformation, judgments and conflicts.

So we need to pay attention before we make a post on social networks, even if it's just a joke. It is also necessary to understand the difference between how we communicate personally and online.

However, there are ways to protect yourself and avoid possible problems for your personal and professional life. In this text, we will explain a little more about how to protect your reputation in the digital world, avoiding risks and preserving your privacy.

What are the risks of a post?

Have you ever been in doubt whether you would actually make a post? This is because we think about how people will react to this post, what they will think and what the consequences will be.

We can cite the example that happened during the Covid-19 pandemic. The events were suspended, but some parties continued to take place. On social networks, profiles were created to expose the people who were present at these parties.

As a result of the exposure, people lost their jobs and had their reputation tarnished inside and outside the digital world.

However, the consequences go far beyond putting employment at risk. Thus, social networks can directly impact people's mental health and behavior.

In this way, there are profiles that spread fake news, hate speech, judgment and haters, people who post rude and aggressive comments about people.

Thus, they can directly affect a person's mental health, causing several negative consequences. This practice is known as cyberbullying, a form of stalking through digital platforms.

What are the consequences of a post for your reputation

Have you ever imagined posting fake news and becoming the person who posts lies on social media? Therefore, we should check the facts before publishing, search for reliable sources and get out of the bubble.

In addition to the risk of publishing something that is not true, the way we communicate on social networks directly affects our reputation in the digital world.

In this way, we need to understand the language of each platform and how to behave within each platform. Thus, we avoid possible judgments and bad impression in the workplace.

Is there a difference between personal and professional life on social networks?

The first step before you post something on social networks is to understand the possible impact that this post can have on your life, whether on your personal or professional.

Thus, it is essential to inform yourself about the guidelines of the organization that operates, such as the code of ethics and the behavior of other colleagues.

The best way to avoid problems is to be digitally responsible, maintaining professional ethics and knowing the environment in which you work.

In your personal life, you can choose to publish without worries. However, don't forget that people will keep getting your posts, judging and drawing conclusions about you.

Ways to protect your reputation on the internet

To protect your reputation in the digital world it is essential to think before posting. So remember to check the veracity of the news, not post offensive content and pay attention as you communicate.

We can also select who can see our posts, we find this function in the settings of each social network. So you can select who has access to your profile, preserving your privacy.

Another way to protect yourself is not to comment, post or like an impulse post. Therefore, avoid using social networks when you are hot-headed or after a long day.

Avoid problems in the digital world

Don't forget, your actions in the digital world are saved permanently. That way, be digitally responsible, share content you like, such as experiences and moments.

Thus, you maintain transparent communication without running the risk of tarnishing your reputation with impulsive attitudes and words.

Want to learn more tips on how to protect your security and privacy on digital platforms? Download now our social security guide.

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Saiba como proteger a sua reputação no mundo digital

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