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Information systems security auditing and its importance for cybersecurity

With the advancement of technology, organizations need to adapt and digitize their processes, after all, we live in an increasingly connected world where consumer behavior is increasingly technological.


This whole process has brought numerous advantages to organizations, in turn, it makes them vulnerable to attacks and cyber risks.


In this way, companies need to know how to deal with cyber threats and the best way to mitigate these risks is through a cybersecurity strategy.


It is these processes that are responsible for monitoring and ensuring the compliance and organization of companies, in addition to, of course, giving due attention to cybersecurity.


Want to know how this process works and why it's so important for your organization's security? Keep reading this text and learn more.

What is systems security auditing?

This is a multidisciplinary process, which aims to assess the compliance of an institution's digital environment. Thus, the following procedures are carried out in the audit:

·        Operational risk management;

·        Assessment and adequacy of technologies;

·        Systems development;

·        Evaluation of information systems;

·        IT Procedures;

·        Infrastructure Adequacy;

·        Evaluation of information security performance.


All of these assessments and adjustments involve the processing of critical information. Because it is through this data that organizations make the necessary decisions so that processes are improved.


With this, an integral means of compiling, using and manipulating data on each computer and system is established. Everything is always in accordance with the legislation and best practices in terms of compliance with quality safety protocols. 


In short, this is a similar methodology applied to conventional audits, but in this case the application is dedicated only to the digital environment.


We can define some main objectives of systems security auditing, they are to gather, group and evaluate evidence that determines whether a system adequately supports a business asset.


It is necessary to maintain data integrity, to achieve the expected objectives and to use resources efficiently, always complying with established regulations and laws. 


All inputs, processes, controls, and files, as well as the entire environment involved, such as equipment, data processing center, and software, must be part of the audit.


In this way, it is possible to identify opportunities for improvement, correction and implementation to promote the security and quality of all corporate systems of an organization.


What are the steps of the security audit?

The audit is made up of a few steps, they are important throughout the process and help guide the procedures, they are: 

·        Planning;

·        Execution;

·        Report with results;

·        Action plan.


With this, auditors use parameters to establish a specific control of goals and thus determine which of them will be used to evaluate organizations and know if the objectives will be achieved or not.


Planning is the initial phase of every security systems auditing process. It is in this first stage that the analysis and evaluation of the entire process will be carried out.


Therefore, as much as it is the first phase, it tends to be one of the most important, because without the necessary planning all other stages can be jeopardized.


In order to carry out effective planning, it is necessary to pay attention to the following actions:


·        Audit objectives;

·        Risks observed in the processes;

·        Expectations of all work.


All these actions need to be detailed and contain all the procedures that must be done, this saves time and ensures that everything is done correctly.


Once the planning is done, it is time to analyze everything that was planned and discussed for the conduct of the audit. It is important that all processes are based on data and arguments.


After all, they need to make sense in the organization so that they actually have results. With this, the auditor carries out the necessary activities presented throughout the planning.

Results Report

With all the processes in place, it's time to evaluate the results and understand how they performed.


This is a very important part of systems security auditing. Because it is through this data that organizations are able to obtain analyses and impressions of all work.


Gaps in the security process can be identified, fraud identification, vulnerabilities among employees. With these results, organizations need to improve IT services and identify improvement processes. 


Action plan

With the report in hand and with all the notes and results that emerged from these analyses, the time has come to put into practice the improvement actions.


We can say that the action plan is a response to the data that has been generated, in this way it is analyzed and with this a plan is created for correction, improvement, implementation and innovation.


The institution needs to align all these processes with the people responsible and put the actions into practice.

What is the importance of security auditing?

As we have seen, systems security auditing is very important to keep organizations safe and mitigate risks related to the digital environment such as systems and devices. 


She is responsible for improving the relationship between organizations and people with new technologies.


The benefits can be observed both externally and internally. Because, through auditing, it is possible to understand the best way to promote the organization's security against intrusions and data breaches.


It allows strategies to be created and with this it is possible to mitigate risks and show the importance that the digital security process exerts on organizations and the people who work in them.


System Security Audit with PhishX

Information systems security auditing is essential for all organizations. After all, it is responsible for ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data.


PhishX is an ecosystem that offers a range of solutions that can help companies conduct effective security audits and further strengthen their defenses against cyber threats.

Simulation Tools

Our platform has phishing simulations and training, which are essential to assess people's maturity in a risky environment. Through these actions, it is possible to identify vulnerable areas.


These simulations help measure how people respond to different types of attacks. In this way, leaders ensure the evaluation of the security performance of their teams' fingerprints.

PhishX Analytics

In our ecosystem, organizations can utilize PhishX Analytics. With it, leaders can monitor the results of security campaigns in real time.


Through these results, it is possible to create custom charts and generate detailed reports on the performance of different teams and people.


This drill-down capability allows organizations to identify vulnerability patterns and adjust their security strategies as needed.

PhishX API

With our platform, organizations have access to our API that facilitates the integration of security data with other internal systems, such as SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and Big Data platforms.

This allows for more efficient management and a broad view of security data, which is essential for detailed audits and regulatory compliance.

That way, all the information will be present in a single place and accessible for consultation, whenever necessary.

PhishX offers a complete ecosystem to support companies in conducting information systems security audits.

With simulation, training, data analysis, and automation not only strengthen the security posture of organizations, but also promote a culture of continuous awareness among people.

The security audit of information systems is important for the organization and, above all, necessary to maintain data security. Get in touch with our sales team and learn how PhishX can help your organization in this process. 

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Information systems security audit is essential for data security


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