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Why is the number of cyber attacks increasing around the world?

Technology can be considered people's ally in everyday life. However, there are a multitude of cyberthreats spread in the digital world.

And, people are often unprepared to protect themselves from them.

According to research conducted by Check Point, last year there was a 38% growth in cyber attacks worldwide.

Thus, we observe that technology is also being used and enhanced by hackers for scams and frauds.

This is why it is fundamental that organizations prioritize the pillars of security inside and outside the corporate environment, such as raising people's awareness.

But, before making employees aware it is necessary to understand what the cyber risks spread in the digital universe are. Read on and find out what they are.

Increase in cyber attacks in the corporate world

The increase in the number of attack cases can be related to several reasons, such as the shift to remote working and the digitalization of processes within organizations.

In addition, eight to 13 electronic devices connected to the Internet are susceptible to security breaches. Thus, increasingly exposing the vulnerabilities that exist in digital security and threatening data protection.

Within the digital world there are a variety of cyber attacks that cybercriminals can apply, for example the DDoS attack.

According to research conducted by Radware, the denial of service attack, DDoS, grew last year by 150%. This type of attack was more efficient, complex, and frequent.

The DDoS attack consists of bringing down services and loading the operating system. Therefore, the system becomes unavailable or slow, due to zombies that have been implanted in the device, known as Botnet.

However, there are other cyber threats that are putting information security at risk.

What are the threats that put organizations' security at risk?

In addition to the DDoS threat, research by Check Point Research, reported that last year there was a 48% increase in cyber attacks on cloud networks.

This increase may be due to the growth in organizations' operations to the cloud because of digital transformation processes in operating systems.

The survey also found that the largest increases were in Asia with more than 60 percent, followed by Europe with approximately 50 percent, and North America with an average of 28 percent.

The report produced by Dragos, showed that ransomware attacks against industries increased by 87% compared to 2022 and 2021.

Most of the attacks targeting industries were on companies that are made up of manual labor, people working on the front line.

However, there are not only cyber threats, people are also considered a risk. Since attacks, such as phishing, can occur through them.

Thus, we can identify that all areas are suffering from cyber attacks.

Despite all the risks that exist in the digital space. There are actions that organizations can take to minimize risks and protect data.

Ways to curb cyber attacks

Hackers are investing and evolving attacks. Therefore, it is necessary for organizations to be always up to date on new attacks and strengthen their security.

People can be considered as the main entry point for criminals to be able to pull off scams. It is therefore important to treat employees as a priority.

Therefore, making people aware of the risks and how to ensure data protection is key to closing potential doors and strengthening security.

Another strategy is to reinforce information security with actions to implement security programs and not forgetting to keep people updated. These are some measures to curb cyber attacks on organizations and ensure their privacy and protection.

Prioritize people within organizations

Cyber attacks can increase every year. That's why it's important to be prepared to ensure your data security.

Why not start by raising awareness?

The PhishX ecosystem prioritizes people within organizations and assists the security team in deploying the awareness program.

In this way, bringing information about digital security. It also increases people's engagement on the topic.

The Information Security Awareness Calendar template can be a first step to increase security and help you in the process and implementation of awareness within your organization. Download the material.

In the background of the image we have two people looking at the screen of an electronic device. In the front of the image we have the caption "Why is the number of cyber attacks increasing in the world?"
Why is the number of cyber attacks increasing around the world?

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