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PhishX participates in CIO Brazil 2024

CIO Brasil is an annual event that brings together IT leaders from the main private companies in the country, promoted by the IT4CIO portal. It takes place from March 20 to 24 in Florianópolis.

This is an invitation-only event where experts, solution providers, and information security professionals meet to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities related to digital transformations.

CIO Brasil has a more intimate approach and offers an environment conducive to networking among the renowned C-levels of the main companies.

We, at PhishX, will be present on these days to closely follow all the discussions and transformations about the cybersecurity universe.

After all, this is an event of great relevance for our country with regard to cybersecurity, aimed at IT professionals.

The importance of this event

The world as we know it is constantly changing, driven by the technological innovations that shape our present.

After all, technology advances day by day, and with that, cyber threats follow the same path. That's why an event like CIO Brazil is so important.

In these meetings, it is possible to talk about the challenges of digital security and how innovations can contain the risks that are part of the routine of companies around the world.

In a scenario where small changes are capable of provoking transformations, discussions revolve around the impact of these actions, driven by technology.

Companies and IT professionals need to see up close the power of solutions and how cybersecurity needs to be part of everyone's daily lives, whether employees or customers.

Lectures and panels are essential to bring people closer to recurring themes in our society that need more attention. About how to lead your teams or even how Artificial Intelligence has been changing the landscape in technology.

The internet of things, augmented reality, nanotechnology, and advances in robotics allow us to visualize the vast reach of technology. Therefore, it is important to know them and know how to deal with their consequences.


The 2024 edition

CIO Brasil brings us a reflection on the theories that govern quantum physics, based on the uncertainty principle. According to this theory, it is not possible to measure the measurements of movement and its position. 

In this context, our maximum scope is to calculate the probabilities of how these systems behave and determine their likely location.

In a world where uncertainty is a hallmark feature, the question arises: how far can we go to predict new scenarios and contexts?

CIO Brazil 2024 invites the country's main technology leaders to an event, where the theme "Beyond the Limit of the Comprehensible" will be discussed.

After all, the world of technology is surrounded by uncertainties, but everyone needs to be prepared to predict threats and new scenarios.

It is this predictability that manages to protect institutions and make information security the main focus of companies.

This is an excellent opportunity to bring professionals together and explore the challenges and possibilities that present themselves beyond the limits of understanding in a scenario of digital transformations.

Among the highlights of the event, we have the panel led by Carlos Tramontina, where the challenges faced by CIOs in the era of digital transformation will be discussed.

In addition, Carla Tieppo explores the role of leaders' brains in navigating an increasingly complex world in a must-see talk.

CIO Brazil also has a presentation given by Sandro Jerônimo de Almeida, who will address the role of quantum computing in solving complex problems, expanding the horizons of what is possible to achieve with technology.


PhishX at CIO Brazil

This is an unmissable, invitation-only event. We, at PhishX, are pleased to participate in another edition. It's always a wonderful opportunity to connect with amazing people and talk about cybersecurity.

After all, we believe that information security needs to be disseminated more and more among people.

If you are interested in the topic, follow us on our social networks. We will cover the event in its entirety and bring you the most important information that is being discussed at CIO Brasil.

people sitting listening to a lecture
PhishX at the CIO Brazil global event

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