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The importance of cloud cybersecurity

Technology evolves every year, if before we needed huge file rooms to store information, today we have the cloud service that makes our lives easier and allows all data to be accessible anytime and anywhere.

However, this ease, convenience, and always-on connectivity of the cloud comes with some risks for organizations and maintaining cybersecurity.

After all, all data is stored in a single place on the network, if this information is accessed by cybercriminals the negative consequences will be huge.

When we talk about cloud cybersecurity, we are referring to the practices, policies, and technologies used to protect the data, systems, and infrastructure in cloud computing environments.

It is important to understand that with the increasing adoption of these services, where data and applications are stored and processed remotely, security becomes a critical consideration.

Therefore, it is essential to understand how these processes work and, above all, how to protect yourself.

Difference Between IT Management

That's because it works as a package of several:

  • Actions;

  • Protocols;

  • Technological practices.

All of these actions will protect applications, computing environments, or cloud service providers, all online.

These features are a way to prevent threats of loss or theft of this data, they work as a kind of barrier being created to prevent access and visualization of this data.

Protection can vary depending on the provider, so it is important to choose one that is concerned with security, and above all to pay attention to the proper settings of services, safe usage habits.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that any network and end-use hardware are protected, this ensures more security for the information.

When we talk about cloud security, it is important to emphasize that actions are taken to protect some important points of the organization.

Such as physical networks, formed by routers, electricity, cabling, and climate controls.

They also serve to protect data storage, data servers, and essential network computing hardware and software. The computer virtualization frameworks, which are the virtual machine software, host machines, and guest machines.

In addition, we have the operating systems, the application programming interface (API) management, all the information stored, modified and accessed and of course the software services that are: email, tax software and productivity suites.

Finally, cloud cybersecurity is also used on computers, mobile devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

All these points store sensitive data and information about institutions, their employees and customers, which is why cloud cybersecurity is so important for companies.

Cloud security, how does it work?

Now that you understand which assets should be protected, let's take a closer look at how cloud security works.

First of all, it is important to understand that it aims to achieve some objectives, they are:

  • Enable recovery from data loss;

  • Protect storage and networks from data theft;

  • Determine if there was human error;

  • Identify if negligence occurred in the data leakage;

  • Reduce the impact of data or system compromise.


Cloud data security is all about preventing threats. In this way, tools and technologies allow barriers to be installed between access and visibility of sensitive data.

A number of tools are used for this process, but encryption is undoubtedly the most efficient.

This is because it encrypts the data so that it can only be read by authorized people, this information is accessed through a key, this technology ensures more security and reliability.

In addition, if the data is lost or stolen, it becomes unreadable and criminals are unable to access the information.

Another important point when we talk about cloud security is identity and access management (IAM), which is linked to account access.

These controls are essential to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing and compromising sensitive data and systems.

As it is a place that stores a lot of information, it is important that all cloud data is backed up, this ensures that if there is a problem with the server, no data will be lost.

This is also one of the relevant reasons for companies to invest in security, because if any unauthorized person has access to this backup, it will compromise the security of the institution.

In addition to all these tools and technologies, we can't forget about the human factor. That's why it's very important that people know how to defend themselves from attacks and thus help protect data in clouds.

Some attacks and intrusions happen through the people who work in the institutions, which is why training is part of cloud security, it helps to mitigate and identify possible risks.

With trained employees and the right tools, companies can protect their data and information.

The Importance of Cloud Security

As technology advances, companies need to pay attention to actions and tools that help keep work safe and work in their routine.

Know that cloud computing is a great example of this advancement, it has become the main method for personal and professional use, today it no longer makes sense to store your information in physical locations.

After all, we live in a globalized world and several companies have headquarters and employees spread across the country and the world.

That's why cloud security is so necessary in company structures, all this information needs to be protected.

In addition, this data can be accessed from anywhere, by anyone, making this data collection on servers extremely dangerous and causing cybercriminals to target large data centers of various organizations.

That's why it's essential to include cloud security in training actions, awareness of your organization, the risks are immense, it's up to you to protect yourself.

How PhishX Can Help Cloud Security

As we have seen, cloud security should be part of the routine of all companies, because the storage and processing of data can create vulnerabilities for these organizations.

Another point that should be noted is that part of these security actions are done through people, after all, they are the front line of your company and the main target of attackers.

 PhishX is an ecosystem focused on cybersecurity awareness actions, helping organizations implement an information security policy that helps their employees protect themselves from risks.

Our platform has several materials that help people understand the risks, there are videos, booklets and texts that start the process of acculturation and bring maturity to people.

In addition, we carry out training that is very important throughout the awareness process, so people can really understand how attacks work and how they can protect themselves.

Our platform also has the triggering of phishing simulations that help organizations measure the maturity level of their employees, in addition to identifying the possible risks that the institution could suffer.

It is important to understand that criminals see the value of their targets through the cloud and thus study vulnerabilities and create mechanisms for attacks to be effective.

As much as the tools and applications present in cloud providers are important, they cannot mitigate all risks. In this way, it is essential to train people, so that they help in the entire process.

Invest in security, protect your institution's data and sensitive information, count on PhishX to implement the awareness process among the people who work in your company.

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Cloud cybersecurity is essential for the security of organizations.

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