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How to promote cybersecurity awareness?

Cybersecurity is a constant concern in an increasingly digitized world. This agenda has been addressed in several organizations and by all sectors, not limited only to IT teams.


After all, the security of our data should be a concern of institutions, the market and society. With this, actions against digital attacks ensure the growth and proper functioning of companies.


Therefore, it is essential that organizations promote awareness campaigns and educate their employees and customers about the importance that cybersecurity plays in everyone's lives.


In this way, the planning, implementation, monitoring and maintenance of a security policy make all the difference for companies.


Do you want to know how to promote and implement an awareness campaign among your employees? Keep reading this text and learn how crucial this process is for your institution.

Why raise awareness among your employees?


Before understanding the actions and how to actually implement a safety policy among your employees, it is necessary to know the importance that an awareness campaign has for all people and institutions.


We can say that awareness campaigns aim to protect one of the biggest risk factors of a security environment: the human factor.


These actions make people more attentive and help them make better decisions. That's why awareness is crucial in a cybersecurity-focused program.


It's important to understand that you can have the best technology and the best technological advancements, but if you don't train your employees, you can put your institution's security at risk.


Therefore, campaigns are able to mitigate attacks, making people more concerned about their actions, which makes them work more securely, reducing problems and impacts on organizations.


After all, the cybercriminal only needs one click from an unsuspecting person to break into your system and attack against the security of your company's data.

Know that when an organization suffers an attack, the losses are enormous, after all, we live in one of the countries with the highest number of cybercrimes in the world.


Security breaches cost companies millions of dollars, not to mention reputational damage, loss of customers, and disruption of activities.


Therefore, when an organization invests in cybersecurity, it transmits to its customers and the market greater knowledge, credibility and responsibility; This shows the commitment to everyone and conveys greater security.


Another important point to highlight is that the adoption of cybersecurity tools and campaigns reduces the risks of attacks. After all, institutions are investing in protection for their employees and customers.


These actions allow organizations to have greater control over the security of their data and be able to detect threats before they compromise their services.


It is important to understand that threats are renewed year after year, and although we are at the beginning of 2024, Sophos, the company it leads in Brazil, has identified some trends for this year.


Expectations are that cybercrimes will remain similar to what was seen in the year 2023, but without a doubt they will be more efficient, after all, as technology renews itself, these crimes change.


However, there are two points to pay attention to when it comes to cybercrime “predictions”; One of them is the exploitation of vulnerabilities, whether of systems or people, and the use of stolen credentials to gain access to targets.


Another point that requires attention is multifactor authentication; Because this method is widely used to ensure the security of accounts, transactions, and numerous actions, cybercriminals are keeping an eye on it and developing ways to circumvent it.

How to promote an awareness campaign?

Now that you understand the importance that cybersecurity plays in companies, let's explain how to promote an effective campaign that helps your employees protect themselves from the risks of attacks.

1. Conduct Training Programs

As you can see throughout this text, the human factor is crucial when it comes to cybersecurity; Therefore, it is extremely important that one of the first steps is the implementation of training.

As such, the organization needs to implement comprehensive training programs aimed at cybersecurity education. For this to be done effectively, you need to:

  • Involve employees;

  • Provide up-to-date information on threats;

  • Warn about the most common attack techniques;

  • Inform and security best practices.


And above all, to make the whole process more dynamic and practical, this enhances the absorption of information.


Know that your employees won't be engaged with long trainings, lectures, or meetings that last for hours. On the contrary, it only drives people away from the topic.


Therefore, it is essential that the content is easy, practical and conveys all the information in a better way; This is possible through booklets, short videos, and interactive materials.


This interaction allows people to engage more with the content and understand why cybersecurity is a crucial topic for everyone as a society.


In addition, programs and training need to be frequent, because just as threats evolve, the awareness process must be updated and adapt to the needs of each team.

2. Engage senior management


Cybersecurity is a topic that must be part of the organization and permeate all sectors; Therefore, the engagement of senior management is essential to promote awareness.


In this way, the company's leaders must be examples and demonstrate a clear commitment to cybersecurity and, above all, pass this message on, communicating the importance of these actions to all teams.


This support is essential in showing people that they are not alone and safety needs to be part of everyone who works in the organization. This helps foster a culture of safety from the top.

3. Promote testing and simulation


Training is very important for awareness campaigns; however, it is not the only action that should be taken. Testing and simulations of attacks make all the difference.

After all, it is through this training that people will actually have contact with attacks and know what procedures should be taken to protect themselves in these situations.


With this, organizations and the Information Technology team are able to evaluate the effectiveness of security measures and know which areas need to be strengthened.


In this way, it is possible to increase actions in sectors and teams that have suffered the most attacks; This increases the efficiency of campaigns.


Testing people's maturity level is a very important pillar to mitigate risks and make security actions increasingly accurate.

4. Establish a Cybersecurity Policy


As has become clear, cybersecurity is not just a concern for the IT team; This is a serious problem affecting our society and should be given due attention.


Therefore, it is important to create a data security policy and that campaigns and training take place throughout the year and not just on specific dates, after all, criminals act 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


Keep in mind that actions will only be effective and risks mitigated if they permeate the entire organization throughout the year.


To make this happen, you need to create a cybersecurity policy that involves frequent testing, training, includes a password creation policy, and develops two-factor authentication.


In addition, it is necessary for the organization to show people the importance of keeping software up to date and for everyone to be engaged in the campaigns.

PhishX in Promoting Awareness


The security of a company is made up of several processes, and cybersecurity, without a doubt, is one of the essential pillars for this to happen.


As we have seen, creating campaigns that involve teams and show the importance of data security is very important to mitigate risks, protect institutions and the people who work in them.


PhishX is an ecosystem developed to assist companies in the entire process of implementing a data security policy.


Our solution has a complete platform where it is possible to carry out phishing campaigns and simulations; This allows you to test the maturity of employees and understand the weaknesses of each team.


It is also possible to promote training on cybersecurity, as we have materials such as videos, booklets, and texts to make everything more dynamic and easily accessible; This content allows campaigns to be more effective and engage people.


In addition, it is possible to check all these actions. For the security policy to be efficient, it is necessary to understand the data; only then can the IT team know where and how to work with each person.


Through our solution, it is possible to identify the data and know how many people fell for phishing simulations and how many of them actually finished the training; This data is crucial for emerging security actions.


After all, it is through this data that it is possible to implement training that adapts to the reality of each team, which makes the entire process more accurate.


Our platform allows companies to create a security policy, analyze data, engage their employees, create personalized training, and reduce the risks of an attack.


Are you curious and want to know more? Know that we have several plans made for all types of organizations, and there is certainly some made to help you implement a robust and competent security policy.


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Cybersecurity campaigns need to be part of organizations.

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