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Tips for more security and privacy on Facebook

Currently, Facebook is still the most widely used social network in the world. With more than two billion users worldwide, we can see several cases of data leakage and account theft. That way, privacy and security tips on Facebook are essential for all of us.

But how can you protect yourself from these threats? You can create some layers of security using tools provided by the platform itself.

Also, by following some of the steps we've indicated here, you can also have more privacy and security when sharing your Facebook posts.

How to keep your privacy on Facebook

To get to the privacy settings, you need to open the Facebook app on your mobile phone. Then click the icon of your profile, which is in the upper right corner. Within the Menu, you should find the Settings and Privacy option by navigating down.

Click Settings, then Profile Settings. In the Privacy section, you'll find options to control who can view, make friends, and contact your profile.

The platform also provides adjustments to decide who can interact with your profile and posts, and allows you to manage who can follow you and who can comment on open posts.

Control your privacy on Facebook

By clicking Profile Privacy, you'll find options to manage your activity and how people can find and contact you.

If you have a personal account, choose the option for only friends to see your stories, pages, and people you follow, and posts can be a good option for more privacy.

You can also click Manage your profile to control how your contact details and personal information can be viewed. Making your phone and email private is also essential to avoid problems.

Within the privacy settings, you can select who can send you friend requests and who can see your friends list. You can also select who can search for you using your email, phone and even allow search engines outside of Facebook to show links to your profile.


Within Facebook it is very common to use tags to advertise ads and other types of posts within the profile of users.

However, some markings may be unwanted. That way, it's important to have control over who can tag you in posts and who can post to your profile.


Within the Privacy section, there are the Profile and Tagging settings. In this tab you'll find adjustment options to control who can post to your profile and who can see what other people post on your profile. In addition, you are able to allow other people to share your posts in her stories.

You should also find the options to select who can see the posts you've been tagged in.

Another important setting is to enable the option to review posts you've been tagged in before they appear on your profile. This prevents unwanted tags from happening frequently and appearing on your timeline automatically.

How to set up your security on Facebook

To get to the security settings, you must follow the same steps to the Settings option. By rolling the screen down, you will find the Security section.

Passwords and accesses

First, it is very important to use a strong password for your account. Strong passwords combine numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols. Avoid using the same password for different accounts, unique passwords make life difficult for criminals.

It's also essential to track your account's access logs. By clicking the View All option next to Where you logged in, you can check where your account is logged in. If you notice an unknown device or location, disconnect immediately.

You can also turn on the option to receive alerts about unrecognized logins. To do this, you must click Receive alerts about unrecognized logins, which is in Extra Security Settings. Choose where you will be notified in these cases, Facebook, Messenger or by email.

Turn on two-step verification

Two-step verification is one of the most important security tools today. With it enabled, the platform must request a login code if it identifies an access attempt on an unknown device or browser.

To enable this tool, go to Use two-factor authentication. Then follow the application steps to finish the setup. You can also create a list of devices where you don't need to use login codes. Just click authorized Logins.

Account recovery

Facebook allows you to choose friends who will be contacted if you lose access to your account. To choose these contacts click Choose between 3 and 5 friends to contact in case of loss of access and follow the steps recommended by the app.

Manage information you share with third parties within Facebook

In the Security tab, within the Settings section, you can manage how Facebook and other apps use your information.


By clicking Location, you can choose whether Facebook will receive the precise location of your device. If you want to turn this option off, go to your device's settings and revoke permission to access your location in real time.

Apps and websites

You can also manage the information you share with apps and websites you signed in using Facebook. Click Apps and websites and watch the sessions that are still active in these applications, opting out of those you don't use or don't know about.

Activity outside of Facebook

Facebook also allows you to control the activity of businesses and organizations that you access outside the platform.

To clear your history you need to click the Activity icon outside of Facebook. Under Recent activity, click the icon for the last activity. You'll have the option to disconnect the history or select specific activities that will be disconnected.

Other security settings on Facebook

In addition to these settings, users are also allowed to control the games used on Facebook or Messenger. And also that they see and remove business interactions connected to the account to manage ads, profiles, and other information.

By clicking Games you can view and remove games that are active, expired, or removed.

In the Business Integrations option, you'll observe and manage the integrations of apps and services you've signed in through Facebook.

So, what did you think of these tips? If you want more tips for more security and privacy on social media, read the security tips on LinkedIn and WhatsApp.

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Tips for more security and privacy on Facebook


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