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Acceptable use of computing resources: policies that ensure more security

Acceptable use of the organization's computing resources is one of the ways to ensure the protection and security of the network and corporate devices.

Defining the ways people can use the internet, a corporate network, or organization equipment is very important to prevent cyber attacks and data leaks.

Therefore, everyone needs to be aware of security best practices. In addition, an acceptable use policy can increase people's productivity by allowing them to focus better on their activities.

What is acceptable use of computing resources?

Each organization defines its rules and limits for corporate use of equipment and networks. Still, there are some behaviors that should always be avoided. Some good practices ensure more safety for the workplace.

First, it is very important to define what types of resources exist in an organization. There are software assets, which are systems and tools used in an enterprise manner. There are also physical assets such as computers, mobile devices or other equipment approved for work purposes.

In addition, people are also part of an organization's resources. They're the ones who deal with assets. Thus, it is important that they are aware of the importance of dealing with equipment and tools responsibly.

Track inventory and sort information

To ensure that computing resources are being used correctly, it is important to control device inventory by defining the responsibilities of owners.

Another important factor in ensuring data control and security is the classification of information. Separating which data should be protected ensures that it is receiving an adequate level of protection.

It is also essential that people follow the rules implemented for the safe use of the internet and guidelines for the use of mobile devices, especially when they are outside the workplace.

Make people an active part of the policy of acceptable use of computing resources

It is important that people value the reputation and image of the organization. In this way, making them an active part of the acceptable use policy is essential for it to work. That's why you have to go further and get people to disclose policies and report possible misconduct.

Thus, it is important that they know that the use of the internet for defamation, libel and threats, in addition to the exposure of work-related matters, is considered as abusive use. Thus, separating personal opinions from those of the company is essential for a corporate posture that fits acceptable use.

Good practices

When using the organization's computing resources, we always need to be vigilant to act safely. In this way, following some requirements when transferring information internally, or to third parties, can ensure data protection.

Don't share spam or piracy

Sending and posting mass advertising is another practice that can be considered as abusive use. These unwanted messages may not only be emails, but are also a form of behavior to propagate fake news and virtual scams. Because you are one of the main vectors for phishing attacks, you need to be alert and not share and avoid clicking on this type of message.

Another issue we need to avoid is the distribution of copyrighted materials for corporate purposes, as piracy is an illegal activity.

Passwords are non-transferable

Always remember: passwords are personal and non-transferable. Do not share with colleagues, much less with strangers. Try to change them frequently, and use a different combination for each application and system.

In addition, we need to search for secure websites, which have a padlock next to the address in the browser bar. It is also essential to give preference to known networks, preferably accessing at home or at work, avoiding public networks.

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Man sitting in front of the computer and looking ahead. In the image, the acceptable use policy of computer resources is written
Acceptable use of computing resources: policies that ensure the security of your organization

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Unknown member
Nov 08, 2021

Basically, the article describes the correct solutions in order to protect company data from leakage. Computer resources must be reliably protected, most often special software is responsible for this. Learn more about the Smart HR software of our company.

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