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Black Friday: how to shop online more safely

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

With promotional dates approaching, such as Black Friday, which takes place in November, many stores also offer great discounts. But it's very easy to fall for a scam. Products that do not arrive, prices that have increased before promotions, these are just some examples.

Online shopping grew even more during the pandemic. The closure of shops led consumers to use digital channels to buy many different products.

We have separated some tips so that you can shop much more safely during Black Friday.

Safety tips for shopping online on Black Friday

Shopping via websites and apps can be just as safe as physically, but there are some precautions you should take so you don't fall victim to a scam, or suffer headaches because of purchases made on Black Friday that were not delivered.

Search before making your online purchase on Black Friday

Being aware of the reputation of the store, or the seller, is essential before making your purchase. To do this, you can search for customer references and look for comments on complaint sites, or consumer protection agencies. In addition, you can analyze customer reviews.

It is also important to research what contacts the establishment offers for clarification of doubts that may arise at the time of purchase, or later.

Observe and use security features

Stores that have online chat and clear information about products and delivery times are much more reliable. Thus, giving preference to sites that offer features that facilitate the customer's buying decision can bring you much more security to shop online during Black Friday.

Also, try to access sites with the HTTPS security protocol. These are the ones with a padlock in the browser bar, where the website address is located. You can also avoid shopping online from public Wi-Fi networks, as they may be less secure.

Always be wary before making any purchases on Black Friday

Promotional dates are a great opportunity for criminals to apply scams and also steal data. But many stores and large establishments also use practices that can deceive the consumer. For these reasons, it is necessary to be always alert.

Very attractive offers are not always a good deal

Very attractive offers can be a strategy that criminals use to steal data and apply scams. But it is also a practice that large stores and establishments use to claim that they are doing promotions, when in fact they have increased prices before applying the discounts.

You can use tools that allow you to monitor prices. There are some websites that offer such services. This way you can track if the promotion is really worth it. Another important point is to check that the prices are not too far from the market; this can be an indicator that the ad is a possible scam.

Beware of phishing

Try not to buy items that have been offered in unsolicited emails, the famous spam. These messages can be part of the strategy of criminals who steal sensitive data such as passwords and personal information, known as phishing.

Thus, it is important not to make purchases from offers that arrived by promotional emails from stores that you are not a customer of. You should also be suspicious of even emails sent by stores that you are a customer, but have not authorized the sending of messages.

These unsolicited messages can be scam attempts to access sensitive information, such as passwords and bank details

Know your rights

Knowing your rights is essential to make a good purchase. Even more to protect yourself from scams or difficulties related to buying online.

Find out if there are laws that guarantee consumer protection. That way, you can protect yourself if the product is defective, or if you were not satisfied with the purchase.

If something goes wrong in an online purchase, even after taking all the care, look for consumer protection agencies. They can better inform you about your rights and how you should act.

By following these steps you can buy much more safely on Black Friday

Following these tips, you can certainly enjoy Black Friday much more safely.

Remember to give preference to trusted websites and stores, and keep an eye on delivery times. It is also important to check if there are warranties for the return of the product.

If the item is defective, or you just don't like it, the store must provide information about returning it and refunding the full amount paid.

If you have problems with your online purchase, even following these steps, look for a consumer protection agency.

For more tips on how to protect yourself in the cyber world, you can follow our Youtube channel. There you'll find videos that will help you have more security on your devices and ways to organize your digital life.

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Black Friday: how to shop online more safely

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