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Deepfake: What are the risks of using this technology for people?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Technology is constantly innovating and becoming more and more a part of people's daily lives. Today, it is possible to edit images to make a mouth bigger or a nose thinner. But the Deepfake technique goes far beyond aesthetics.

Deepfake is the use of artificial intelligence to change faces, synchronize lip movements, expressions and details of people in videos and photos. It can achieve impressive and convincing results.

However, people are often unaware that that audiovisual content has used the Deepfake technique.

According to studies conducted by Kaspersky, 65% of people are unaware of the existence of DeepFake and 71% do not recognize when a video or photo has been manipulated using the technology.

In this way, people can be easily fooled in the digital world.

The use of this technology can lead to misinformation in society and the high sharing of fake news. Thus damaging the reputation of individuals and organizations.

Furthermore, criminals take advantage of people's lack of information and awareness about Deepfake to apply scams and frauds, such as phishing attacks.

However, there are ways to identify and protect yourself from the misuse of this technology. Continue with us and find out how to do this.

What are the possible risks of using Deepfake?

Because of globalization, news is shared in real time. In this way, fake news can spread quickly and become real news.

In Venezuela, people are creating avatars of journalists with the help of Deepfake to share information about the country's economy.

Because of the misuse of technology, people are believing what is being reported by fake journalists and creating a great risk to Venezuelan and international society.

Resulting in the identification of posts related to the topics and some content will no longer be allowed on the platform, for example, posts that show artificially generated scenes without naming that these are creations of AI, artificial intelligence.

Criminals are using the technique to scam people. In this way they have modernized the phishing attack to manipulate videos and people's voices to ask the victim's family and friends for money.

Consequently, social networks become the ally of cybercriminals, as many of the phishing attacks start through social networks and thus result in a successful attack.

However, there are some types of fraud that this technology can be used for.

The types of fraud involving Deepfake

Deepfake Audio is when people's voices are cloned. The artificial intelligence needs recordings of the voices to produce the sound and thus be able to impersonate the person who has had his or her voice replicated.

There are applications that make it possible to put this technique into action. However, in the hands of ill-informed people they can end up harming people.

Another type of fraud is when Deepfake is used in real time. There is artificial intelligence software that can convert your features into another person's face while in video conferencing or on streaming platforms.

Lastly, there is Video Deepfake which can be considered the main technique used by criminals.

Artificial intelligence manipulates images and videos to distort the truth. Resulting in scams, tarnished reputations, and misinformation to the community.

Thinking about these types of frauds, we can mention some cases that marked the national and international news because of this technology.

What are the cases involving artificial intelligence?

We can mention some cases that became known for using Deepfake, recently the plot of a soap opera in Brazil mentioned the damage that the technique can cause in people's lives, for example, by tarnishing a person's reputation in society.

Another case was when producers created a video with the former president of the United States, using Deepfake with the intention of alerting people about the increase in the creation and dissemination of videos containing fake news in the digital universe.

But, many people believed in the veracity of the content produced by the producers and ended up sharing in their electronic accounts, even though it was an alert.

Both cases mentioned had the intention to inform, help and make people aware of the risks that the use of DeepFake can cause in the lives of people and organizations.

Therefore, people need to know more about Deepfake technology to know how to protect themselves and avoid spreading fake news or falling for any cyber scams.

How to protect yourself from the use of Deepfake technology?

There are ways to protect yourself, but before putting security measures in place it is essential that people are aware of what Deepfake is and its risks.

This way, they will be able to put security practices into action in a more effective and successful way.

Awareness raising with training that involve the pitfalls of the digital world, cyber attacks and how to protect yourself from them can be one of the effective ways to protect people.

Since criminals use this technology to apply phishing attacks.

In addition to awareness, it is necessary to have tools or applications that can identify content that contains artificial intelligence manipulation. Thus, helping to combat defamation, misinformation, and ensure people's safety.

Another safety tip is to check information before sharing on social networks. So before spreading, check the news in other trusted media outlets and get out of your bubble.

How can the PhishX ecosystem help fight Deepfake?

Now that you know that Deepfake technology can cause misinformation and be used to apply phishing attacks. Why not secure your organization?

The PhishX ecosystem is a tool that enables an organization to take the first steps in raising people's awareness and maturity about cyber threats and how to protect themselves from them.

But, do you know how to create an awareness program within the organization?

Download the how to create an awareness program now. This can be the first step in increasing security, helping you through the process and implementation of awareness within your organization.

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Deepfake: What are the risks of using this technology for people?

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