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How to ensure the security of electronic accounts?

Taking care of security is becoming a priority in people's daily lives, and it would be no different with our electronic accounts. Therefore, new technologies are being improved to ensure data security.

Today, people have access to different platforms and social networks to create new accounts.

In recent years we have seen an increase in the number of hacked social network accounts. Therefore, we have to be careful about cyber threats and ensure the privacy of information.

Thus, it is necessary to put protective measures in place, such as multi-factor authentication and other security techniques.

Read on and learn how to ensure the security of your accounts in the digital universe.

What are the cyber risks of electronic accounts?

When we create a social media account we are subject to the pitfalls of the digital world, such as attempted cyber attacks.

Among the threats that exist, phishing attacks have become one of the favorite attacks of hackers. According to the report conducted by Kroll, last year phishing attacks increased by 54% compared to 2021.

A phishing attack consists of sending messages with malicious links that are intended to steal personal data. In this way, when a person clicks on this link, their information is being stolen.

In many cases, the criminals break into your social network account to apply scams, people offering instant payments or selling fake products.

So people need to be careful while browsing their digital accounts.

But it is not only social networks that are subject to attacks. Bank accounts are also targets for cybercriminals.

Cyber attacks on bank accounts

According to the report done by Dfndr security, in the first five months of last year more than 3.6 million blocks were recorded for attempted financial scams via electronic devices.

Resulting in an increase of almost 50% compared to the year 2021. Among the most commonly used scams by criminals is the phantom hand scam.

The phantom hand scam happens when you receive a message asking you to update the bank's application by clicking on the link you received, phishing attack.

When you click, the hacker accesses your information remotely and performs bank transactions. In this way he transfers the amount to another account, as if he were a phantom hand stealing your money.

These are some of the cyber risks that we can encounter in the digital space. However, there are ways for you to take care of your electronic accounts.

Tips on how to secure electronic accounts

There are some security tips that can ensure and reinforce data protection, such as creating strong passwords.

The passwords need to be different for each account and following the security rules: Containing symbols, capital letters and numbers.

Another tip is multifactor authentication, this authentication strengthens the security of the accounts. But, be careful about sending the code via SMS, as criminals may have access to your number and thus see your messages.

Opt to send the code through applications indicated by the platform and check other people's reviews.

In addition, avoid answering messages from strangers on social networks and expose your information freely. This way, you have control over who can have access to your publications.

Always keep the software and applications of social networks and banks updated.

Pay attention to links, avoid clicking on them, and be wary of promotional messages.

These are some ways to protect electronic accounts. However, people need to be made aware of cyber risks for these tips to work.

Cyber risks vs. people awareness

In order to decrease the number of successful cyber attack cases, people need to follow security rules and be aware of digital security.

This way, they will know how to identify a threat and how to protect themselves in the face of it.

As a result, several people are being impacted with the right information and being made aware.

Therefore, awareness becomes the most effective way against cyber risks.

The PhishX ecosystem can help in the process of making people aware, through primers, training, and videos.

In this way, taking information to everyone about digital protection.

Best security tip is people awareness

Now that you know what the cyber risks are and how to protect yourself from them and ensure the security of your electronic accounts.

Why not put them into practice?

To take the first step in the awareness process, talk to our sales team and schedule a demo of the PhishX platform.

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How to secure electronic accounts

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