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Security on Instagram: What to do to get a safer account

The internet may seem like a safe place, but behind the curtains are many people with bad intentions. Even social networks don't escape the action of criminals.

But in addition to the risks of scams and account theft, there are other types of problems withinthat virtual spaces. As is the case with cyberbullying, it can bring psychological consequences for victims.

All these risks exist within Instagram. In this way, we prepared some tips for those who want to use this network more safely andproperly.

Set up your privacy on Instagram

Some privacy settings are already pre-established by Instagram itself. However, it is important to know what can be changed and how to use all the features to ensure your deprivation.

To find privacy settings on Instagram, you can follow these steps.

You'll need to open the app on your phone, or access Instagram in a browser on your computer, then access click on your profile tab. Then click the three-track icon, located in the upper-right corner.

Select the Settings option, then Privacy. In this tab you will find all the features that can be changed.

How to set your account to private

An importantstep is to define whether your account is public or private. Public accounts are best recommended for businesses and services, while personal accounts may choose to be private.

When you set your account to private, only authorizedpeople can view your posts. To make your account private, click the key next to the Private Account icon.

Do you know what cyberbullying is?

Cyberbullying can be very harmful to social media users. Comments and messages canhave serious consequences.

If you're a victim of this kind of attitude on Instagram, one of the options is to make your account private, and disable and remove comments from your posts.

You can also report bullying and harassment through the Help Center. Another important tip is to block unwanted users.


Social networks can be a safe and comfortable place for many people, but there are still ways to make this experience very unpleasant. If someone you follow on Instagram shares photos and videos that make you uncomfortable, you can choose to unfollow or block the user.

If this content violates network guidelines in any way, such as hate speech or nudity, it may also be reported. To do this, you need to click on the three points, which are close to the post, and select Report.

Learn how to set limits

Instagram has a feature that allows you to limit unwanted interactions. If you feel you're experiencing harassment, there's the option to temporarily limit unwanted comments and messages.

To turn this setting on, go to the Privacy tab and click the Limits option. You can follow the instructions of the application itself to complete this configuration.

This option is an alternative for those who need to deal with group harassment.

Restrict comments

There's also the option to restrict people who can comment on your posts. In the Comments section, you will find four selection options.

If you are experiencingsomeone's type of harassment or harassment, you also have the option to block specific users from comments.

Control who sees your Posts on Instagram

In the Posts option you can hide the number of likes and views in publicactions from other accounts.

In addition, you can select who can tag you and even choose to approve the appointments manually.

Story privacy settings

Still within Instagram's privacy settings, we have the option to control who views and interacts in Story.

In the Story option, you can limit the people who respond to your stories, and allow sharing.

Other settings dand privacy on Instagram

It is very important that you know how to protect your account and your privacy within Instagram, since it is very common cases of scams and even other types of harassment within this social network.

That way, Instagram has features to block or restrict unwanted accounts and interactions.

To set restricted accounts, block unwanted accounts, and control who can send you messages, you can follow the same steps toba Privacy.

In this tab you will find the Restricted Accounts option. By clicking on this icon, just follow the platform steps to restrict unwanted accounts.

Below this option, you will find the Blocked Accounts icon. In it, you can followthe steps of Instagram to block unwanted users.

In the Messages option, you can decide who can communicate with you and in which folder you will receive contact requests.

How to turn on Instagram security tools

In additionto the privacy settings, it's also essential to stay tuned for your security on Instagram. Many criminals use the platform to apply scams and also steal important accounts and information.

Two-factor authentication

To make your account more secure, it's very important to enable two-factor authentication. This ensures that you will be notified every time someone tries to access your account on a different device.

Enabling this option is simple and takes only a fewseconds. Follow the same suggested steps to make your account private until settings. Then tap Security and Two-Factor Authentication. Tap Get Started and follow the steps on the platform.

Use strong passwords

Using strong, unique passwords is another step that brings more security to your account. Strong passwords mix symbols, upper and lower case letters, and numbers. Avoid using known names and words.

Also, never share your password with anyone. And remember to changeyour combination regularly, especially if Instagram has you do it. But be ware of phishing.

Beware of phishing

Phishing is when a person tries to steal sensitive data, such as login and password information, through a malicious link or a message requesting personal data. Criminals pass themselves by people and known brands, sending messages with urgent tones , as if to prevent your account from being deleted you need to enter your password.

To avoid falling for this scam, avoid clicking on unknown links or replying to messages without first checking if it really is a real person. Also check if the account is true.

Control access

Controlling where your account is connected is also very importantfor security on Instagram. When using a different or unknown device, remember to disconnect your account.

You can also go to the Security option and track your login activity. Disconnect from any unknown session, as if an unknown sessionis connected to your account, you may have access to your data.

Also think twice before authorizing any third-party applications.

And what did you think of these tips? Try to apply them in your daily life right now, thiscan provide more protection for your accounts and information.

If you want to learn more about setting up your privacy and security on WhatsApp and Linkedin, you can read the articles we've prepared.

Please contact our sales team to request a demonstration of our products and services.

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