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TikTok: Tips for using the platform with more privacy and security

TikTok is among the fastest growing platforms in recent years. With a rapid rise, the social network is acquiring more and more users, especially from children and teenagers. Although it has concrete guidelines to bring more privacy and security to people, this social network is not free from threats.

Phishing scams, cyberbullying, and account theft are some examples of the risks we are exposed to. However, by following our tips and activating some of the platform's tools, you can use TikTok with more security and privacy.


Ensuring the security of your account is very important so that your information is also secure.

To change your account settings go to the Profile icon, then click the three stripes button in the upper right corner. On the Settings and Privacy page, you will find the Security section.

Control your account activity

Within the Security section, you will be able to monitor your account activity. By clicking on Security Alerts, you can see if there have been any unusual activities in the last week.

And on the Your Devices tab you can manage the devices that are accessing your account. If you notice any unknown devices, disconnect them immediately.


Also in the Security section, the user is able to control which applications are allowed to access the data in TikTok. To do this, click on Manage Application Permissions.

Enable two-factor authentication

Enabling two-step verification is one of the most important steps to having a secure account. This way, whenever you log in on an unknown device, the platform will use more than one method to verify your identity.

To enable this setting, follow the same steps up to the Security section. Then click on the Two-Step Verification tab and follow the platform's instructions.

Be in control of your privacy

TikTok also offers some settings for you to be in control of the privacy of your account and its data. To get to the privacy settings, follow the steps to the Settings and Privacy page. Then select the Privacy section.

Who can see your account

On the Privacy page, you should find a number of options for managing how your data is used by the platform and setting up your account. The first option is the ability to make your account private.

Private account

The private account allows only your followers to see your posts. With it, only users approved by you can follow you. To activate it, just click on the key next to the Private Account icon, when it turns green it is activated.

Suggestions and synchronization

You are also able to select who your TikTok account can be suggested to and synchronize your contacts and your Facebook friends list.

Click on the Suggest my account to others option and select via the keys in the right column whether your account can be suggested to your contacts, Facebook friends, people with common connections and people who open or send links to you.

In the Synchronize contact and Facebook friends option, you can choose to synchronize your contacts and your Facebook friends list to find the people you know more easily.


Another possibility offered by TikTok is the ability to manage how your data is used for ad customization.

In addition, the platform also offers a setting to manage how each of your videos can be used in ads. By disabling the switch that is next to the Ad Settings option, your videos will no longer be available for use by external advertisers.

Ad customization

In the Ad Customization option, you have the option to select how the platform uses your activity outside of it to target ads.

Although social networks and their advertising partners have structures in place to collect data in a limited way, and ways to ensure their security, they can often fall victim to attacks and information leaks.

So one alternative to protect yourself is to not authorize the use of your data for ad targeting.

Downloading data

You can also choose to download a copy of your data that is collected by the application. To do this, click Download TikTok Data and follow the instructions to request your information.

Who can download your videos

Within the Privacy section, settings are also available to control who can download your posts.

By clicking Downloads and disabling the selected switch, you stop allowing your videos to be available for download and they cannot be used on other platforms.

Who can comment

Under Comments you can select who can comment on your videos, as well as filter and manage these comments.

You can select the option to allow only your friends to comment. Or even disable comments.

You also have the possibility to filter out all comments, so that they are hidden unless you approve. Filtering out spam and offensive comments and certain keywords is another possibility offered by TikTok.

Remember that limiting and filtering comments can be a good strategy in case of cyberbullying.

Who can send messages

Also in the Privacy section, you have the possibility to select who can send you direct messages. Click on Direct Messages and choose between Friends or Nobody.

Other Settings

In addition to all these privacy settings, TikTok also allows users to choose who can see the list of users they follow and who can watch their liked videos.

Other settings that are unique to the platform are about the Duets and Stitching tools. In the Privacy section, you can choose whether or not to allow Duets and Stitching with your videos.

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TikTok: Tips for using the platform with more privacy and security

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