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Customer success: our journey searching for strategic results

In today's world, cybersecurity has become a strategic element for organizations. With this, it is natural for large institutions and companies to look for tools to cover all risks. But how to ensure a successful journey of customers looking for solutions? This is why we are talking about customer success.

The day-to-day corporate can be chaotic. Many information technology teams suffer from reduced staffing. This can lead to problems such as lack of time to manage all solutions and mitigate threats.

Therefore, we seek to ensure that people who use our services can take advantage of all the resources contracted. In this article we will demonstrate the importance of a customer success journey.

In addition, we'll learn more about PhishX's Customer Success team. We will also talk about how we help our customers reduce risks with information security through awareness.

What is a customer success journey?

A person goes through several phases to buy any product. We can say that first she sees a need and becomes curious about the problem. Seeking to learn more, look for solutions and tools that can help solve what you need. And that's where PhishX is involved in this process.

When someone searches for a service or product, they are looking for something that meets their needs. But how is it possible to know if this solution is really what you need?

Knowing the problem

We know that organizations today suffer to keep their data and digital environments safe and threat-free. Within the market there are several solutions that provide layers of security.

From the use of antivirus and firewalls, to the hiring of a security operations center, so-called SoCs, there are many solutions that promise to ensure digital security.

But criminals need only one opportunity to infiltrate malicious systems and operate attacks. Using techniques that seek to trick users, such as phishing, they can send a malicious link through an email or message on social networks. So it's enough for one person to click, so your organization's doors are open for attack.

Often, they can install systems that go on for months collecting and encrypting data. They then perform attacks that prevent access to this information. So they extort victims all over the world.

Seeing the solution

The opportunism of criminal groups causes great harm to organizations. Experts estimate that the financial damage caused by cyberattacks will reach the trillions of dollars in 2021 alone.

In this way, making people aware of the risks they are exposed to on a daily basis is an essential step in ensuring corporate security. And that's what we at PhishX are looking for.

When someone wants to know more about our solutions, we immediately suggest a Value Test. Thus, the person concerned can know what risks your organization is exposed to.

Through a phishing simulation, you can see how many people have opened the door to digital attacks. And managing these results is critical to devise efficient strategies.

But how do we ensure customer success?

As we said, many information security teams suffer from a lack of people. And that's why we operate in sync with these teams. The difficulty in developing ongoing campaigns, generating relevant content, and managing results and vulnerabilities can be addressed by our Customer Success team.

Collaborating with information security professionals, in addition to integrating the areas of communication and marketing, it is possible to define a calendar of actions.

The possibility of establishing schedules, which mix phishing simulations, with training and questionnaires, facilitates people's awareness. This can make topics related to information security closer to everyday life.

Undrowning the IT team

By building a direct contact with the needs, we can ensure even greater results for our customers. We customize all processes to give the characteristics of the organizations, from the way of speaking, to the terms used internally.

And even those organizations that prefer to use the platform independently are impacted by the customer's success team. Everyone has access to constantly developed models, which address up-to-date issues to recent events.

In addition, customers can directly observe their results within our system. And even generate reports from PhishX Assistant, our personal assistant who can narrow down open calls for IT staff to check for potential threats. It allows anyone to report suspicious emails and messages, analyzing security without the need for human action.

Now that you know more about how the Customer Success team ensures the success of our customers, how do you feel about knowing more about ourproducts? You can request a presentation via the button to speak to our sales team, which is in the upper right corner.

Customer success: our journey searching for strategic results


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