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Artificial Intelligence: What are the risks that technology can cause in people's lives?

Technology is in constant transformation. We can observe this evolution when we talk about artificial intelligence that is increasingly inserted in people's daily lives, but what are the risks that this technology can cause?

Artificial intelligence can be considered an ally of people, helping in their well-being, studies, and work.

An example of this connection appears in the survey conducted by ILUMEO Data Science Company, the survey indicated that in the second half of 2022, 91% of the people interviewed have already used a virtual assistant.

However, artificial intelligence is not only present in smart homes. We can find the use of this technology in ChatGPT and the Deepfake technique.

But its use can put the security and privacy of data at risk; recently there was a leak of sensitive data and chat histories on ChatGPT. Thus, exposing information to the digital universe.

Come with us and find out more about AI, artificial intelligence, the risks it can cause to your security and how to protect yourself.

What are the risks of using artificial intelligence for data security?

The risks of the misuse of artificial intelligence can be immeasurable for society and organizations. Generating major conflicts on a global scale, financial losses, tarnished reputations, manipulation of people, and misinformation.

In China, journalists were created using Deepfake technology to spread false news on social networks to the Chinese society, generating disinformation among the population.

In this way, it can damage relations between countries and generate possible conflicts.

The use and investment of artificial intelligence may increase over the years. The report done by Kinea Investment, showed that the global market for artificial intelligence will move $383 billion in 2021 and $450 billion in 2022.

For 2023, the expectation is to exceed the $450 billion handled, growing with the years until it reaches $900 billion in 2026, a growth of 19%.

However, it is necessary to use this technology with awareness so that its use is positive for all areas of the world.

However, lately the news media is portraying negative news about the use of artificial intelligence.

Consequences of using AI

In recent days, the image of Pope Francis wearing a jacket, eschewing the standards of clothing went viral on social media. The content was seen by thousands of people around the world and created discomfort in the Christian community.

The photo was created using artificial intelligence, through the Deepfake technique. However, it was spread by people as a real image.

Another case that reverberated around the world was the release of the image of the former president of the United States being arrested. However, the photo circulating on social networks was also created through the Deepfake technique and resulted in several people being deceived.

Because of the increase in cases involving the use of artificial intelligence in people's daily lives, a debate has opened among the world's top technology leaders on the topic.

Does artificial intelligence need to be stopped from causing risks to people?

The advance of ChatGPT in recent months and the rush by technology industries to use artificial intelligence techniques has turned on a red alert for world leaders.

In the letter we can find names like Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and Columbia institutions. In addition to organizations such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

The points made in the letter deal with the security vulnerabilities that may exist in the platform, the lack of transparency, and how this technology can impact people's lives.

Some countries are already taking action on this technology. For example, Italy's data protection agency, Garante, has banned access to ChatGPT in the country.

The creator of the technology plans to submit answers about the investigation of privacy rule violations by the chatbot in Italy.

The questions to be answered are about the lack of age verification of users and about not having a legal basis to justify the massive collection and storage of people's personal data.

There are other reasons why the red alert has been turned on by experts.

According to a report by investment bank Goldman Sachs, artificial intelligence could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs.

In this way, replacing people with robots and causing possible socio-economic difficulties.

However, there are possible ways forward to solve some issues that have been raised in recent months.

What are the ways to resolve mistrust and ensure security?

Technology can continuously evolve, but developers need to be transparent and ensure the security and privacy of people and data.

Minimizing potential risks is a key to the success of tools that use artificial intelligence, such as increasing operating system security to prevent leaks of sensitive data.

In this way, being transparent with organizations, people, and government agencies.

Besides turning AI into an ally of society and not an opponent, changing this thinking of people is a very important step.

Showing people and leaders that the two can go together can help change people's thinking.

The use of artificial intelligence needs to be with awareness and responsibility for its users. The implementation of awareness processes within organizations about AI is the first step towards an informed and responsible society.

In addition to audiovisual advertisements, content on social media and in the news for people's awareness to be realized on a larger scale.

Awareness about AI can be in conjunction with cyber threats, attacks and how to protect yourself from them. That way, people will be aware about the risks that exist in the digital world.

How can the PhishX ecosystem help in the awareness process?

The awareness process about artificial intelligence needs to be complete, covering cyber risks and how to protect oneself from them. And, the PhishX ecosystem can assist your organization in the process.

PhishX's tool is a solution to prevent a successful cyber attack from occurring against your organization. Our platform goes far beyond being a digital security content library, we are an ecosystem that brings communications, information and awareness to everyone within organizations.

Thus, we conduct campaigns, drills, and releases to all teams on communication platforms such as WhatsApp, email, and Telegram.

In addition, the leaders of each team can follow the awareness process individually for their subordinates. And, our customer success team provides all the necessary support during the entire process.

Thus, a complete tool for your users.

Talk to the PhishX team

Making people aware of AI and cyber risks is critical for data security. And, PhishX can help your organization in this process.

Why not take the first step towards security within the corporate environment?

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Artificial Intelligence: What risks can technology cause in people's lives?

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