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What can be done to ensure cybersecurity in companies?

Cybersecurity, contrary to what many people think, should be part of a company's day-to-day life. This is because the digital world becomes more and more integrated into business processes.

What makes cybersecurity vital to the functioning of any organization, moreover, it protects a company's essential digital assets, such as sensitive customer data, intellectual property, and financial information.

It is important to understand that without proper protective measures, these assets are exposed to a variety of cyber threats.

But what can be done to ensure cybersecurity? Read on and learn how to protect your assets and your company's reputation.

Importance of cybersecurity

As much as cybersecurity is very important for the protection of companies, this topic is not always taken seriously and in some situations it is questioned whether it is that necessary.

It is necessary to understand that cybercrime is very advantageous for criminals, which is why actions against organizations grow day after day, where hackers look for loopholes or just a chance to break into systems, steal data and profit from their victims.

After all, in a world where our online lives intermingle with our offline lives, cybersecurity awareness is key in protecting against digital threats.

This is because several companies in Brazil and around the world, including public agencies, have already suffered cyberattacks. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime is set to become the third-largest economy in the world.

If investments in cybercrime are millionaires, it means that attacks are increasingly sophisticated, so organizations need to invest in cybersecurity actions to protect themselves and mitigate risks.

Think of cybersecurity as a tool that people turn to prevent failures and cyberattacks. This ensures the protection of all of a company's data and information.

In addition, cybersecurity needs to be constantly improved, because as we have seen, the actions of criminals are increasingly precise. This ensures that the data and assets that organizations deal with are protected on a daily basis.

That is why cybersecurity is so necessary in companies, it is fundamental for the functioning of each sector and for the security of all.

How to ensure cybersecurity in your company?


Now that you know the importance of cybersecurity for the functioning of an organization, let's talk about some necessary actions to ensure data security.

This will help you prioritize cybersecurity within your business. And make sure that all employees understand that they are aware of cybersecurity. That's because the people who work with you are a key part of the whole process.

After all, without the engagement of your employees, it is not possible to build a solid and effective cybersecurity policy.

Understand vulnerabilities


First of all, you need to stop and analyze what your company's vulnerabilities are. This report will help you know what decisions should be made to mitigate risks.

This first analysis causes many risks to be detected. In this first moment, it is important that you define priority lists and rank them so that you know where to start.

For example, if software has been identified as outdated, you need to create actions for devices to be updated frequently. If it has been observed that people are susceptible to falling for scams, it is necessary to invest in awareness.

Only by understanding your organization's current situation can you take the first steps towards a cybersecurity policy.

Educate your employees

Cybersecurity is a constant process that doesn't just involve the acquisition of security software. It is necessary to think about the people who deal with online data, after all, they are the ones who take care of the internal processes and procedures of an organization.

As such, employees can protect or leave their organization vulnerable. That's because cyberattacks are targeted at people, allowing cybercriminals to gain access to their systems.

In this way, all people need to be involved and aware and engaged in cybersecurity actions. For this to happen, it is essential that the company invests in training focused on digital security.

Awareness and training help people identify risks, so they can protect themselves from phishing attacks, know how to recognize ransomware, and identify the risks of an unknown network.

These actions are critical to the protection of your company. Because a clear policy on how to deal with and protect yourself from attacks aligns conducts and creates forms of control in relation to internal actions that can harm everyone's security.

It is necessary to understand that a cybersecurity policy and effective internal communication help to make cybersecurity a collective goal.

This keeps employees aware and establishes an organizational culture focused on data protection. After all, cybersecurity should not only be a concern of the Information Technology team.

Keep your systems up-to-date

Be aware that outdated software is more susceptible to vulnerabilities and potential leak failures. Updates are made available to improve the operation of devices and prevent security issues.

Therefore, it is essential that you pay special attention to updates, review all software, as there are some that need to be updated manually. This is a fundamental process in the security of devices and systems.

Back up periodically

Backups are very important, because in case of a security breach or any other problem, your files and data need to be protected.

If your data is compromised or deleted, it can lead to the interruption of operations, which can cause a series of losses and in many cases lead to the bankruptcy of the company.

This is because due to the digitization of processes and documents, the amount of data that is generated and stored is immeasurable.

That's why it's essential that you use a backup program and copy all your files automatically. That way, in case of an attack, it will be possible to restore all the files from the backups.

It is important that you store copies of backups offline so that they are not encrypted or inaccessible in case the system suffers a ransomware attack.


Perform attack simulations

It is critical that you perform simulations of phishing attacks. This is a very important tool to understand the company's real ability to defend itself in the face of threats.

In addition, you can test your team's maturity level and know what actions should be taken to prevent attacks. This helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your security policy and strategies.

How can PhishX ensure cybersecurity?

As we have seen, cybersecurity is vital to the functioning of businesses. It is through it that it is possible to protect yourself from attacks and mitigate risks. In addition, people are a fundamental part of this process.

PhishX is an ecosystem that brings security knowledge to everyone. Through our platform, it is possible to raise awareness and educate everyone around cybersecurity.

We have several materials that help people understand the importance that their actions play for the company's security, in addition to training focused on the main issues of information security and cyberattacks.

In addition, we have phishing simulations capable of testing people's maturity level, helping to implement actions focused on each team's problem.

Our platform allows companies to have reports of these actions, with information on training and simulations, to know how each team is engaged.

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Cybersecurity is essential for company security.

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